Creo Config bundle made by CPS

CPS Creo Config bundle is provided in form of installer. Installer will locate Creo Parametric on your computer and create shortcut on desktop pointing to CPS config settings that were installed. CPS Creo Config consists of Creo settings, macros for faster use, drawing formats, material and fastener library.

Based on your version of Creo Parametric, download appropriate CPS Creo Config installer version.

For company config files click here (employees only)

– Search paths added.

-New faster installer.

-Faster installer.
-Non instant snaping to geometry in sketch option turned on.
-DXF/DWG export profil added in export profile folder and Creo refers to it. (Edit it to your fit your needs)

-New bugfix version of Purger 1.31 added

-New bugfix version of Purger 1.31 added

– Added drawing formats in english (materials will be reported in english).

– Added drawing formats in english (materials will be reported in english).

Fastener Library for Creo Parametric

Fastener library is set of family table parts for Creo Parametric. It consists of 3 files/parts bolts, nuts and washers. Each file is one big family of parts grouped by standards and type. It is bundled in  Creo CPS Config  installation. But can be used on its own. Fastener library is Creo 2 and newer versions compatible. PDF list of every bolt, nut and washer in this library is provided for easy navigation when searching for specific standard.

If used with Creo CPS Config make sure you save/backup those 3 files in your working folder.


Purger is small program for cleaning Creo file instances (prt, asm, drw, frm etc.). Gives size of folder files and count of each Creo type files.

Avoid installing to ProgramFiles folder unless using admin rights to run the program.

  • Fixed FRM files not purging.
  • Changed default install folder to avoid issues with running without admin rights when in ProgramFiles folder.