Engineering Services

We are bringing ideas from concepts to manufacturable products

Mechanical Engineering

In today’s market, manufacturers of all types need to manage different challenges and the pressures of rising costs, increasing competitiveness and managing margins.

CPS – CAD Professional Systems d.o.o. has built a solid reputation for its mechanical engineering services, enabling clients to optimize their engineering processes, shorten project timelines, reduce costs, improve the utilization of their resources and—ultimately—jumpstart their efficiency while broadening their market share.

With CAD Professional Systems’ mechanical engineering services, you can achieve cost-effective innovations with your mechanical designs.

We have experience creating complete mechanical designs for products and we can refine existing products to meet new customer requirements. Our mechanical design engineering experience is with a variety of product categories, including Aircraft Design, Automotive industry, Medical devices, Industrial product and machines and Military equipment.

We are providing following:

  • Conducting feasibility studies, research on design, operation and performance of mechanisms, components and systems
  • Selecting materials for product specifications in terms of durability, weight, cost and safety
  • Planning and managing projects, cost and timing estimates, reports and design specifications for machinery and systems
  • Designing machines, components, tools, fixtures and equipment
  • CAD Model Engineering to Ensure Parametric Stability & Robust Assembly Structures
  • Advance surface design
  • Production drawings
  • Technical documentation and publications

Engineering Simulations

With a use of most advance software technology combined with expertize of our professionals, we can help companies to validate and optimize their designs using virtual prototypes. Companies in almost every part of manufacturing could benefit from our engineering simulation service, and in some cases even replace the physical prototype “build and test” process that has traditionally been used in product design.

As a trusted partner, CAD Professional Systems helps our customers improve quality, save time and reduce costs associated with design and test of manufactured products. Our competence is to accurately and reliably predict how products will behave in the real world to help companies design more innovative products – quickly and cost effectively.

Our simulation capabilities include:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD
  • Linear and nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Fluid-structure interaction (FSI)
  • Multi-physics analysis
  • Optimization studies
  • Fatigue and durability analysis
  • Multi-body dynamics

Technical and Maintenance Publication Development

CAD Professional Systems Technical Publications department has a proven ability to deliver a full range of publications, ranging from complete system manuals to individual handbooks. Our industry specific expertise and knowledge ensures our customers can trust us to complete all phases of the production life-cycle, from source data analysis, preparation and production, through to delivery.

One of the key components of professional and informative technical publication are technical illustrations. With deep expertize in special software solutions for creating 2D in 3D technical illustrations, as well as practical experience in numerous of projects, our team is able to prepare all kind of technical illustrating material. These range from perspective, isometric, exploded and cut-away line illustrations to support all forms of technical documentation.

The most convenient way of accessing electronic documents is the Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP). Our experts have extensive experience in developing different categories of IETPs compliant with national and international standards (including S1000D) and specifications applicable to technical documentation development.

A set of technical documentation is developed and created electronically, with the state-of-the-art technologies. It is thus available to the end user in many different forms:

  • Through various digital media
  • On specialized web servers
  • Printed out in traditional hard copy format, as instructions, manuals etc.